Tennis – Full Programme

Wednesday 9-11am

Social Tennis

Members meet at 9am for social games. It’s a great opportunity to meet fellow members of the club and to practise during fun matches. After the tennis you can join the players for a well-deserved coffee and biscuit afterwards. Note this is not restricted just to ladies! 

Midweek Social consists of 50+ members and is affiliated to the North Shore Ladies Day Tennis Association (NSLDTA)

Thursday 7pm

Business House

Thuten Kesang, another long standing member, runs our Thursday Night Business House competition. Members are placed in teams of 6 players, and you play 2 matches each week and play all teams in the competition. If you have missed the current term you are welcome to have your named added as a reserve while you wait for the start of the next term.

You are more than welcome to come down to watch some of the games and meet some of the players. I play in this competition – it is competitive but also fun and social – it’s a great way to meet other members over a few drinks. (Please note there is an additional fee to play in this competition)

Friday 9-11am

Social Tennis

Friday mornings finds a lively group of over 50’s out on tennis courts 1-5. Most Vets are retirees in their 60’s and 70’s keen to play tennis both for exercise and for the enjoyment of making new friends and seeing old ones.

Doubles games are organised from 9 until 11:00am in a round robin of partnerships over the course of the morning. Skill levels vary, but it’s amazing how simply playing regularly improves skills, agility, and endurance. Anyone can take a tea and biscuit break and socialise a while, but then they’re back on the court for the next 20-25 minute round of play.

The Vets have made a great contribution to BBRC since 1985. They have volunteered in many capacities, adding to the life and growth of the Club over the decades. BBRC vets host a Christmas tournament and luncheon and engage in senior tournaments at area clubs.

Sunday 2–4pm

Social Tennis

One of our long standing members, Peter Weir, kindly arranges a fun afternoon on the courts. The games last for 20 minutes and when the bell rings you swap players. This enables you to play with a variety of players and again all levels are welcome.

Introducing Tennis Global



Contact Elliot on 027 948 7964 or email


Various times

Tennis Interclub

Summer interclub - there are a variety of competitions that you may wish to enter: these usually on tuesdays, thursdays and saturdays(fortnightly).

The season runs from approx. October to April and our club captains will be sending out entry form during July/August. Details will be in the monthly club newsletter well before the start of these events.

There are also winter interclub competitions running which will be highlighted in the club newsletter.

Various times


This is a very popular event run 1 or 2 times a season.

You enter with a doubles partner and play fast4's rules.