Connect and play

Whether you are an experienced player or just starting out, at Browns Bay Racquets Club you quickly play fun matches at your level!
Squash is about speed, technique and tactics and is a great way to get some exercise. For the most fun, you need to play against someone at your level. Have you just started playing squash or are you already playing a backhand volley drop without any difficulty? The online squash ladder is a fun and quick way to meet and compete against new squash players of various styles, techniques and abilities.

Join our ladder

  1. Sign up and select your level. You get your first match email within two weeks.
  2. You and your opponent choose a time and book the court.
  3. You play the match and register the score.

When setting up your profile you can select how frequently you’d like to play and when you are normally available. You will also need to select your level to ensure you play against people at similar level while you attempt to move up the ladder. As a general guidance we recommend the following if you know your grade roughly: A&B should select “Top”, C1 would be “good”, C2 “above average”, D1 “average” and everyone else “intermediate” or “beginner”.

Rounds and seasons

You can sign up for the ladder at any time throughout the season. Every two weeks you receive a new match. When you are busy, on vacation or injured you can skip rounds. At the end of the season, we celebrate the players with the most matches, the fastest climbers, and the top 3 players. You will automatically be signed-up to the next season/round until you unsubscribe.

Game rules

You play ‘best of 5’ using point-a-rally. If you need to leave the court early, the player that leads in games wins (or points if tied in games). The winner registers the score with the ClubLadder app or on the sportconnexions website.

  1. At the end of each 2-week round your new position on the ladder will be determined using the following rules:
  2. You switch positions if you win against someone that is higher on the ladder.
  3. You drop one spot if you cancel a match or if you skip two rounds in a row.
  4. Your profile is removed from the ladder if you cancel all your matches two rounds in a row.

More about game rules and FAQ